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Culture of Goa

Goa culture

Goa reveals a unique amalgamation of the East with the West. Christmas is celebrated with equal zest as Diwali, the spirits are as high at the Carnival as on Durga Pooja. The fun and frolic never seems to end in Goa.

Goa has its fair share of festivals. On one hand the Goans celebrate the Carnival and Shigmo as festivals of joy and Shivaratri is one of austerity and penance. The latter being in honor of Lord Shiva is believed to be the most ancient of all.


Besides the Shigmo, Goa carries forward a tradition of several folk dances. Dekni is a rare combination of traditional and modern music. The word 'dekni' in konkani stands for 'bewitching beauty'. On this occasion the women dance to the 'Ghumat' i.e. the folk drum. Kunbi and Morulem are other examples of the traditional folk dance.

With its rich cultural heritage and warm and friendly people, there can be no better place than Goa.

Tourism Map of Goa

Tourism Map of Goa