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Travel to Renuka

Popularly known as Renukaji in Himachal Pradesh, this quaint village gets its name from the lake in its midst. Situated at an altitude of 2,205 ft above sea level apart from being a popular hill station Renuka also has religious sanctity. Considered to be the embodiment of sage Jamadagni's wife and Parashurama's mother, the story of how the lake came to be is rather curious. The mythological story goes that the devil Sahasrarjuna killed Jamadagni and tried to abduct his wife Renuka.

To protect herself Renuka flung herself into the water. The Gods restored her later and the lake is regarded as a reflection of Renuka.Made in the shape of a woman the lake has a circumference of 2.5 km and is largest in Himachal Pradesh. At the base of this lake is another smaller lake dedicated to Parashurama.This lake legend has it was built because Parashurama desired to spend all his life at his mother's feet.

Apart from the scenic beauty, a mini zoo, two km away from the lake offers an opportunity to sight Asiatic lions, spotted dear, lion tailed macaques, nilgai, barking deer and Himalayan black bears. The lion safaris can be arranged by the local hotels. An armoured vehicle will then take the adventurous tourist within the lion's territory. To see the magnificent walls of the Giri Hydel Project one can visit Jataun 5km away from the lake. Also nearby is the Jamu peak, 8 km away.

It is said that it was this peak where Jamadagni had mediated. A temple rests at this spot and affords a splendid view of the lake and adjoining areas. At a distance of 60km from Renuka is the famous gurudwara of Paonta Sahib on the banks of the river Yamuna.It is believed that Guru Gobind Singh lived here for four and half years and fought his first battle at Bhangani.