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Beautiful Beaches Of Cochin

Beautiful Beaches Of Cochin

Cochin or Kochi is the commercial hub of Kerala and has great historical importance. It has a very good natural harbour and the town of Kochi has grown around it. Situated on the Arabian sea, it has been an important trading port since ancient times. Kochi has plenty to offer in terms all its tourist attractions, but it is equally well known for its beautiful beaches.

Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi is around 12km from Cochin city. It is an ancient fishing village which was the first European township in India. The town has Portugese, Dutch and British influences which can be seen in the remains of its Indo European architechture. The best way to enjoy this beach is to walk through the lanes of the city and enjoy the beautiful ambience of the city. Is is an extremely popular place for tourists and the colorful carnival on New Year's eve is certainly not to be missed.


Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala and is located 26 km away from Ernakulam city, Cochin. It is a unique place with a combination of sea and backwaters bordered by lush green coconut trees and paddy fields.

The 15 km beach is clean and shallow which makes it ideal for swimming, surfing and sun bathing. There is also a park for children on the beach where speed boats can be hired. One can even catch an occasional glimpse of Dolphins as they spring out of water. The far end of the beach is lined with Chinese fishing nets which is a beautiful sight! One can visit the Bolghatty island which is famous for its palace and attracts tourists from all over. The Bolghatty Palace was built in 1744 by the Dutch and it is now converted into a luxury hotel with a golf course and a couple of honeymoon cottages.