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Kumarakom Information

Kumarakom Information


Kumarakom enjoys a very mild climate since it is situated close to the sea. Heavy rains are in June- August due to the south west monsoon. Winter starts from December and continues till February. Maximum temperature in winters is around 25deg while in summers it is around 35deg.


Malayalam is the main language that is spoken in Kumarakom though English is also understood and spoken by many. Tamil is also spoken in many areas.


Time to Visit

Munnar can be visited all the year except the monsoon months between June and September.

Climate and Clothing

Munnar enjoys a mild climate for most part of the year, ideally light sweaters should do in the normal season, but for the winters, warm clothing is essential as it gets pretty chilly in the nights. All other requirements for trekking and paragliding are available at Munnar itself.