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Tourist Places in Bhopal

Taj ul Masjid bhopal

The old city and its Mosques:

Bhopal has a number of beautiful mosques, mostly enclosed with in the old city. Taj-ul-Masjid is the largest mosque. The main gate of the mosque is 74 feet high. Both Jama Masjid and Moti Masjid built in the middle of the 19th century found their architectural inspiration from the older Jama Masjid of Shahjehanabad. Other important monuments of the old city are Shaukat Mahal at the entrance to the chowk area which presents a curious mixture of architectural styles. Sardar Manzil once used as the hall of public audience and Gauhar Mahal a magnificent expression of fusion of Hindu and Mughal styles of architecture.

Bharat Bhawan:

Designed by prominent architect,Charles Correa and opened in 1982,the multi-art centre descends in a series of terraced gardens to Bara Talab. The large complex contains a number of museums, art galleries and theatres highlighting and displaying works of different artists. These and the Bhawan's activities are divided under different wings. Prominent are -Roopankar -a museum of contemporary folk and tribal art has over 8000 objects in its collection. Rangmandal, promoter of performing arts; Vagarth the centre for Indian poetry with a library of over 13,000 books and Anahad for Indian classical, folk and tribal music.


Indira Gandhi National Museum of Man:

A large complex spread over 200 acres projects through actual exhibits the tribal and regional cultures, arts and crafts of India. Different states have been provided large spaces for display.

Van Vihar National Park:

Spread over 4.45 sq km area on the slopes of Shamla Hill bordering Bara talab, Van Vihar is an interesting concept of an open zoo. Most of the animals are either allowed to roam free or have been provided very large enclosures that stretch along the 4 km road, emulating near-natural environment. Within the park is an interpretation centre, Vihar Vithika which propagates the message of nature conservation through models, exhibits and film shows. The park is open throughout the year.