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Tourist places in Indore

Rajwada Palace Indore


Virtually the signature of Indore, this erstwhile palace of the Holkars stands in the centre of the old city.Hemmed by crowded markets and narrow alleys of the old city the about 200 years old structure was burnt down leaving only seven storied facade. The palace grounds have now been turned into a symmetrically laid out garden with fountains and waterfall spotted with 11th century sculptures.

Lal Baug Palace:

The construction of this palace the most impressive monument of Indore started in 1886 under Tukoji Rao Holkar II. Completed in phases, the architecture shows influences of contemporary European and Maratha schools.



The royal cenotaphs built over 2 centuries ago exhibit an attractive mix of Maratha,Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. One group of three mausoleums lies on the northern bank of the Khan river beside MG road and is dedicated to the rulers of Indore amongst them Tukoji Rao Holkar II and Ahilya Bai. Across the river to the south is the solitary chhatri of Sardar Chimnaji Appa Sahib Bolia, a minister built in 1858. All these canotaphs are beautifully embellished with sculptures and paintings.

Kanch Mandir:

This Jain temple is considered an architectural marvel. Profusely inlaid with glass and embellished with beautiful paintings, the temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavir whose three statues are installed in a glass chamber at the top.