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Nandankanan Sanctuary and Zoological park:

Nandan kanan Sanctuary and Zoological park

Amidst the lush green Chandaka forest this unique sanctuary has world's largest collection of white tigers and has the international reputation for successfully breeding black panthers, crocodiles and many land and water birds. The main attractions for tourists are the white tiger safari the first of its kind in the world and a lion safari of 20 hectares. The Botanical Garden nearby and the Regional Plant resource centre famous for its unique collection of cactus lie close to the Nandankanan.

Simlipal Sanctuary and National Park:

With a sanctuary area of 2,750 sq.km and a Project Tiger Reserve, the Simlipal Sanctuary is a great weekend gateway for families who wish to spend time together and eco-tourists. This lush green preserve is home to tigers, leopards and elephants. The entire protected area is dotted with hills, waterfalls and innumerable medicinal and aromatic plants. Simlipal is 80 km from Chandipur by road and 50 km from Balasore. The forest department provides accommodation at Chahala, Barehipani, Nomana, Joranda, Gudugudia, Jashipur etc.


Bhitarakanika Sanctuary:

Known as a slice of paradise on the earth the sanctuary is one of the best sanctuaries in India. The second largest mangrove forest in the country is situated here and provides an ideal habitat for reptiles including crocodiles, sea turtles and water monitor lizards. This sanctuary has been protecting the estuarine crocodile and its habitat.Bhitarkanika can be approached only through waterways. Most convenient entry points are Chandabali (50km from Bhadrak and 190 km from Bhubaneswar), Rajnagar (30 km from Kendrapara and 130 km from Bhubaneswar) or Gupti (25 km from Rajnagar). Regular bus service is available to Chandabali and Rajnagar.