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Temples In Orissa

Jagannatha Temple

  Orissa is a symbol of our great cultural past, our ancient history, art, sculpture and scenic grandeur. Orissa vibrates with a cultural heritage that has blended harmoniously with the march of time. It is a subliminal integration of exotic past with contemporary strength. Buddhist monastries, Jain caves, rock edicts and wonderful temples make Orissa a veritable haven for the lovers of past mysteries.

Jagannath Temple:

Situated in the heart of Puri, the great temple of Lord Jagannath is a monument from the 12th century AD with all the richness and plasticity of the Kalinga style of architecture. It is the tallest living and vibrant temple in the country. With a height of about 214 feet from the ground level, it stands on a elevated platform of stone measuring about 10 acres. The temple of the Lord of the Universe is one of the most sacred pilgrimage spots in India, one of the four abodes(Dhamas) of the divine that lie on the four directions of the compass.


The Sun temple:

Situated 30 kms to the northeast of Puri, Konark temple is the grandest sun temples in India. The black pagoda at Konark is a grand and magnificent temple in the form of the suns chariot drawn by seven horses marking the 7 days of the week. The 24 huge wheels, magnificently carved and decorated mark the hours of the day. The temple is a crowning piece of Orissan architecture and sculpture.

Lingaraj temple:

Dedicated to Lord Shiva the 180 foot high temple with a jagamohana, natamandir and bhogamandapa is surrounded by a seven feet thick massive wall. There is a profusion of sculptural work in this temple that dates back to 1014 AD. The spacious courtyard is filled with shrines more than 100 in number. This temple is called a temple complex because almost 65 temples cluster around the central structure.


Situated 8 km from Bhubaneswar, Dhauli is famous for its Buddhist Monuments. The monuments with two special rock edicts of Ashoka is much sought after among the Buddhists across the world. The edicts are on the forefront of a rock-cut elephant. Dhauli offers visitors small rock-cut caves, Hindu temples of early medieval period and a renovated Siva temple known as Dhavalesvara on top of the hill are added attractions. Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri and Udayagiri are the three hill top complexes and seats of Buddhist monasteries and centres of learning that are must visit sites of Buddhist monuments in Orissa.