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Fast Facts about Jodhpur

Facts  About Jodhpur

Facts of Jodhpur

Area 75.50 sq. km.

Altitude 230 metres

Climate Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer 42.2 degreeb C 27.3 degree C
Winter 27.5 degree C 9.5 degree C

Rainfall 31 cms

Best Season Oct. - March

Clothing Summer Light Tropical

Winter Light wollen

Languages Rajasthani, Hindi, English.


How to Reach Jodhpur

Jodhpur is well connected by air to the rest of the country. The airport is 5 km from the city and there are regular flights operating from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Jodhpur to Jodhpur.

If traveling by rail, there are a good number of trains from Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta.

Jodhpur is also well connected by road with all major towns of Rajasthan. Within the city, there are taxis and auto rickshaws that can be hired.

Shopper's Paradise

The central market, or Ghasmandi Bazaar and the Sadar market are very popular with visitors. One can find textiles, silver, jewellery, instruments, pottery, boxes, carved ducks, metalwork, marble figures, paintings, copper, brass, antique reproductions, ivory, white German bed covers, wall hangings, puppets, clothes, old doors, and lots of furniture at reasonable prices.