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Travel to Pauri

Pauri is in the lesser Himalayas that are in the lower ranges of the Himalayas and it is 84 kms away from pauri. The town is a spread of houses dotted over the northern facing slopes of the mountains at an elevation of 1814 meters. Because of its orientation the panorama of the snow-covered higher Himalayas stretches dramatically across the blue horizon and can be seen from virtually every point in Pauri.From left to right the great peaks are Swargarohini(6196 m),Jaunli (6632m),Bandar Punch (6315 m),Brighuparth(6772m).The most pleasant walk in this town of scenic walks is to the temples of Kandolia Devta and further in the oak and deodar woods,Kinkaleshwar.


The stone -imbedded steps leading to Kandolia Devta temple wind through a deodar grove carpeted with brown needles of this beautiful cedar. The temple is a single celled one on a platform and it gives excellent views over the receding slopes of Pauri and the blue ranges rising beyond to the snow peaks of the great mountains.

This part of Pauri is a rambling ambling place not a hiking, trekking one.Kinkaleshwar at the end of an interesting walk is atop a flight of steps leading through an arch decorated with panels in bas reliefs of various deities. These stone carvings seem to be appreciably older than the present temple.