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Travel to Munsiyari

The sprawling village of Munsiyari stands at the threshold of the inner Himalayas 154 km north of Munsiyari looking down on the gori river gorge and deep valleys branching up into the high mountains. Vantage points throughout the area offer breathtaking views of the five almost symmetrical Panchuli Peaks which owe their name -the five cooking pots to their plumes of wind blown snow. Among spectacular local high mountain walks which are being increasingly derestricted is the gentle 11km trail up to the Kalika pass where a small temple stands amid dark pines.


More difficult trails lead via the small village of Matkot 12 km away to the glaciers in the Panculi group and 30km away to the large alpine meadows of Chiplakot Bugyal dotted with tiny lakes as well as up to the Milam Glacier and the Johar valley. Munsiyari is at the end of the road so few buses come this way and those that do are very basic; there are daily departures to Munsiyari and Almora.