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Kolkata has some very special sites that must form a part of every visitor's must-do-itinerary. The most important is Victoria Memorial. Conceived by Lord Curzon it was built to commemorate 25 years of Queen Victoria's rule as the regent of India. The stately building stands amidst large landscaped gardens and houses a museum displaying photographs and statues of people who played a prominent part in the history of India.

Another important memorial is the ancestral home of Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore, Jorasanko Thakurbari.The building houses the Rabindra Bharthi Museum and displays a large collection of memorabilia including paintings of the noble laureate. There are two other centres of priceless articles. The Indian Museum is the oldest and largest museum in India. It has six sections dealing with archaeology, art, anthropology, geology, biology and industry.

The exhibit includes artefacts from the Indus Valley civilization, Gandhara sculptures, 5th century Gupta coins and 2000 year old Bharhut Stupa railing. The other is the mansion of the Mullicks, Marble Palace which houses an amazing private collection of artefacts including Ming vasas, Venetian chandeliers and paintings by European artists. The lawns are dotted with statues of Greek Gods and Goddesses. However entry is restricted and permission is required.

Large parts of the city's heritage lies in its monuments as Dalhousie Square has the largest concentration of these buildings like Writers Building, GPO, St John's Church, Raj Bhavan, High Court, Town Hall etc.One can view the external majesty of the architecture.

Take a stroll down the Strand along the bank of the Hoogly especially in the morning or evening. The Millennium Park is also a big draw for the visitors and locals' alike.Durga is the patron deity of Bengal and large parts of Kolkata has temples devoted to her. The Kalighat temple is amongst is the most prominent of these. It is located in the South Kolkata and can be reached by Metro also. The International Ramakrishna Order also has its headquarters in the city. The Belur Math is on the banks of River Hoogli not far from Howrah and its serene quarters are preserved and displayed the belongings of the seer. The Math can be approached by a ferry from Howrah Railway Station or from the jetties. On the opposite bank from the Math is Dakshineswar Kali Temple a navaratna temple devoted to Goddess Kali shown standing on a supine figure of Lord Shiva resting on a thousand petalled silver lotus. The temple is easily accessible by a river ferry. Visit Kumartulli for artistic overtures. This locality of north Kolkata is inhabited by craftsmen who produce images of Durga/Kali that are used during Durga Puja and other festivals.

Along with the traditional cultural entertainment recent years have seen a sharp rise in other genres of entertainment in Kolkata.Multiplexes, Dining restaurants and nightclubs have come up in a big way.