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Tourist Attractions around Kolkata

Digha Kolkata

Shantiniketan (144 Km):

The seat of the Vishwabharati University started by GuruDev Rabindra Nath Tagore, it has become an important centre of arts and draws many visitors. Two famous fairs the Pous Mela in Decembar and the Basantutsav in spring draw huge crowds.Bolpur the railway station for Shantiniketan is 141 km from Howrah Station. It is 3 km from the Bolpur station.

Sundarbans (131 Km):

It is the largest riverine estuary in the world and a national park harbouring distinctive flora and fauna including the Royal Bengal Tiger. Best is to go on a cruise conducted by the state tourism authorities.

Digha (185 Km):

The sea resort in West Bengal has a kilometre -long beach lined by Casuarinas. There is a long seaside promenade and other walks by the sea.Accommodation are available at the government tourist lodge and a number of private hotels.Digha offers good seafood. About 10 Km from Digha is Shankarpur which offers quieter beaches.

Chandanpore (37 Km):

It is earlier known as Chandernagore a French colony from 1637 to 1952.The French legacy remains in the riverside benches that line the pleasant promenade and an imposing building on the river -side which was once the residence of the administrator Dupleix and is now the Institut de Chandernagor.It has a library and a museum with an interesting collection of artefacts and documents. Another beautiful site is the Eglise du Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church) which has a Lordes grotto and a statue of Joan of Arc.Chandannagar is best reached from Kolkata by local train from Howrah station.


It is about a half-hour by train from Howrah and was a Danish settlement till 1845.Its other claim to fame is the first Baptist missionary in India William Carey set up the earliest printing press in 1799 and translated the Bible into several Indian languages including Bengali.Carey also founded the Serampore College in 1805.Danish heritage survives in St Olaf's Church. The other interesting sites are the Carey Museum and the Serampore College of weaving.

Diamond harbour (48 Km):

It is a scenic spot on the banks of the River Hooghly which is quite popular with the tourists. The activities include riverside walks and boat trips by country boats. One can go for a day trip or a longer stay.

Mayapur (134Km):

It has number of temples and is near Nabadwip, the birthplace of Lord Chaitanya.Mayapur is also the international headquarters of the Krishna Consciousness. The Chandraodaya temple built by ISKCON is a massive modern complex. It is set in spacious grounds and worth a visit for the tourists.